Part II (2001-2017)

Although Odisha took part in implementing the milestone initiative ‘National project on cattle & buffalo breeding’ (NPCBB); our Laggard policy makers did not heed from the message sung in the main objective of NCPBB-‘to undertake breed improvement program for indigenous cattle’. It was in October 2000, while introducing this program GoI admitted the cross breeding failure. The announcement was loud and explicit that Jersey and Holstein did not perform to expectations.

Odisha revised its policyin 2002 again. Jersey and Holstein both were breed of choice. Now retreating its steps a little it was said that Haryana will be used to upgrade ‘Binjharpuri’ (not yet recognized)and large sized Deshi cattle. Red Sindhi was reintroduced. A face saving formula was keen to only to upgrade small sized deshiin Kalahandi Nuapada Koraput districts with Red Sindhi. 

After 13 years Odisha revised its policy for the fourth time in 32 years. This time the policy was somewhat sensible.  By this time Indian milk breeds like GIR were used successfully by private initiatives like Gir Odisha Program and religious organizations. Many a non-western states like West Bengal Tamil Nadu had been supplying frozen semen of Indian breeds to public since years. At last bowing to pressures Govt of Odisha decided in 2015 to upgrade cattle with

‘Sahiwal, Gir, Tharparkar in addition to Haryana, Red Sindhi’.The newly recognized ‘Binjharpuri’ was to be promoted. Again there was rolling back from Hariana; which would be replaced by Tharparkar.

The sensibility this author found in the new policy is thwarted with the Govt proclaiming that

‘Jersey and Holstein’ will be continued as breeds of choice. Just non-sense. Does Odisha really want Indian cows to prosper? Why the Jersey & Holstein?

 Cattle Up gradation is a long term process. At least 25 years is required to get 5 generations. If our policy changes so frequently and changes direction so fickly; how can our farmers rely on it. We have to put pressure on GoO to stick to promote Indian breeds and stop further genetic pollution by exotics. Through Indian cattle our dairy enterprises will flourish. Our farmers will get good bullocks. Our citizens will get good milk. Our age old cattle breeds, whatever is remaining will get a life.

Dr. Ranjit Dash. & A.H


Kadei Sasan Po Badachana, Jajapur


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