• Gostha-Jati(Breed of Animals in the herd)Most Dairy farms (herds) are in rural areas of this state Their cattle herd consists of Jersey or Holstein mixed with Indian Cow breeds or mixed with Non-descript cattle and generally called “CROSS BRED” (CB)and nobody can claim what the percentage of Blood runs in the animal. CLICK HERE 03 to know what does a Cross Bred cow mean. The term is deliberately floated & accepted by Govt, breeding agencies and not exactly knowing the implications words like F1, F2 are used (Misused) by Gwalas, Cattle business men and also by theTechnicians; just to attract public attention.


In reality systematic mixing of 2 recognized breeds could be called CB and planned  breeding of  Non-descriptive animals with Bulls (un-related for every generation)of a particular breed could be called Up-graded or Graded.

Farmers are seldom aware of these technicalities and go on using Bull semen of their choice or what is readily available or which is of a cheaper price for their Heifers & Cows through Artificial Insemination (Even Bull cross). In this manner, without any planning generation after generation the mixed animals have been brought and kept in the farms. Often there is INBREEDING in villages by a running bull and also by non-serious A.I. Technicians. This is giving negative result.CLICK HERE 04to know what is Inbreeding and why we should avoid it.

Rearing these types of animals is not profitable in the long run

            WHY?CLICK HERE 05to know.


Binjharpuri–the pride cattle breed of Odisha, will also do, if the semen of unrelated Bulls is made available. These animals will give 4 to 5 liters of milk a day and also high quality of Bullock- calf or heifer at the end of a year. So let us wait!
  • Farmer must switch over to Indian Recognized Milch (milk) Breed of cattle or Buffalo.
  • Take training or help from a Dairy Farming Expert on Up-grading techniques.

We advocate GIR. CLICK HERE 06to know about the other milk breeds of India. Of late Govt. of Odisha has declared a policy in 2015 so that farmers can breed their animals with GIR breed, which is available in the net.

 Aim of Gir Odisha Program phase ii

1) Public gets good milk

2) Rural youngsters get sustained sufficient income to lead a respectable life.

3) Farm animals lead a comfortable life with optimum productivity