Dairy Farmer Helpline Preface


If you have a dairy farm and want to upgrade it or if you want to start a new cattle dairy farm then ………….. Studythese pages.

Go through the pages carefully and make use of the information. If you still want help… Ring Dr.Ranjit Dash at 9937446956 or mail ranjitdash1957@gmail.com

Gir cows are not easily availablein Odisha at present.So better to start your farm from producing GIR calves from Deshi animals by using A.I. of proven sire,GIR bull semen.

There are many advantages to make a herd from Deshi or what animal you have; than to purchase cows from others.

  1. You can vaccinate the female calves against Brucellosis (Abortion disease) – this is for life time and cannot be given afterwards.
  2. Return will be late but the herd will be truly yours- tamed & producing better. For a Gir herd tamed animals will be good.
  3. Can be done with meagre financial resources even often without a loan.

Follow our concept of 5G,

G1 Gostha– prefer Gir herd – develop it, rather than buying.

G2 Goshala– provideshelter to give freedom with comfort.

G3 Greens – as MAIN diet &add Grains as little as possible.

G4 Gopalan –mix Arts & Science of care with our culture.

G5 Gyan-koushal– apply logic. Evolve DO’s &Dont’s yourself.

Bring reformsand make a sustained profit based income.

Aim of Gir Odisha Programphase ii1) Public gets good milk 2) Rural youngsters get sustained sufficient income to lead a respectable life.3) Farm animals lead a comfortable life with optimum productivity