Pre-Project -Knowledge sharing(Dairy- Basics)

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  • Introduction: objective sharing through Q.A
  • Feedback
  • Analysis – Summary- upload to GOG database& Drive

PART – 2

  • Why should we go for a dairy farm?Why Indian cattle?
  • Why Indian breeds?
  • Is Gir a better choice?
  • What does an owner expect from a Dairy farm?
  • Problems of dairy owners
  • Problems of an absent owner. How to tackle them
  • Importance of study of Situation &Objectives.
  • Which is a profitmaking dairy farm?
  • Sustained project? What’s itfor a dairy farm?
  • Your Questions on need, problems and solutions (Q.A)
  • Feedback Analysis – Summary- upload to GOG database& Drive

PART – 3

3.1 What do dairy cattle need?

3.2 Their food and digestion & utilization of nutrients

3.3 What to feed, how much to feed?

3.4Optimum environment; its relation to productivity

  • Sound Health; how to get it?

3.6 Shelter for farm; most suitable ones for us.

3.7Your Questions & Doubt clear

3.8 Feedback Analysis – Summary- upload to GOG database& Drive

 PART-4Facilities for a farm

             4.1.1 Farm Infrastructure needed (basics)

4.1.2 Special provisions for Heifer breeders

4.1.3 Special provisions for A2 milk producers

4.1.4 Special provisions for Organic milk producers

4.1.5 Land & legal aspects

4.1.6 Procurement of Land for a farm


Making of aherd(Stocking)

4.2.1 Cattle breeds suitable for farming (as per our need)

4.2.1Coveted traits& their relevance.

4.2.2 What makes a herd, how to judge good herd growth?

4.2.3 Is the pure breed preferable or the hybrid?

4.2.4 What’s is F1, F2, Cross bred, up-graded, Pure blood, Full blood?

4.2.5 Phenotype, Genotype & judging of productivity

4.2.6 Limitations on getting pure from exotic animals

4.2.7 Comparison of traits and selection of a breed.

4.2.8 Fixing a criteria to get a herd


Animal procurement

4.3.1 The1st stocking ways- alternatives to purchase

4.3.2 Quarantine.

4.3.3 Transport stress & its effect

4.3.4 Vaccination & soundness certificate

4.3.5 Laws governing cattle transport

Feeding provisions

4.4.1 Feed ingredients & their relevance

4.4.2 Provision of Grass & greens

4.4.3 Alternatives to shortfall (lean) periods

4.4.4 Concentrate feeding, when & how much

4.4.5 Manipulation of diet to curb feeding cost

 PART-5Dairy Farm – Organization

Owner /A body of owners

Time frame & goals

Projections for various types of farms with different situations


PART-6    Care at various age & stage of animals

Will continue if you like

PART-7    Dairy Farm – Products

Will continue if you like

PART-8    Dairy Farm –product marketing

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                    Model & custom

SWOT analysis of the project

PART- 10Funding & avenues alternatives

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