Friends! this piece of article is intended mainly for persons like ‘Gir Odisha Group members’ who are working away from home, but still wish to set up a dairy farm at village or nearby. Please go through the items carefully. What can be the problems apart from normal ones cited in 2.2.2?It might be you!

  1. A paid manager exerts monopoly. May become unscrupulous.
  2. May report exaggerated picture of problems.
  3. Exploits staff & out sourced labor.
  4. May neglect “animal care” especially health portion.
  5. Unusual bill of electric/ diesel& maintenance to extract money from settler.
  6. Theft directly or indirectly is often seen. From animals to milk to machinery……..

Suppose you are the settler and your younger brother the family member…see what happens after you set up a dairy farm on a piece of paternal land lying idle: (from my experience over decades)

  • Family member gradually losses interest.
  • Negligence of duty is common. The game changes for worse after his marriage.
  • Ever-increasing demand for money& gradual falling return- till settler fails to comply.
  • Every good is his and the mistake- yours.
  • Family blames settler to have damaged the brother’s career & exploited him
  • Default in repayment.
  • Claim of right of farm, landed property etc….
  • Family feud.

Are there ways to bail out? Let’s check out!

  1. Before construction get land rights with possession documents. Ensure transparency so that no dispute arises on the farm land or within family for so.
  2. Let every stake holder know the ground reality that Livestock farming has RISKS and it may not be that easy to have a profit immediately. AND that it will take time, may be years to achieve success. AND that it is a team work to attain goal.
  3. Never depend on single person (be he a relation)for management. Have alternative of skilled labor especially for milking and cleaning. Think of their leave for long periods.
  4. Set out from the start, who to get what, and what they are to gain over a period of time and what they have to lose if the farm fails or they quit.
  5. Fraction of deficiency on Skill training of personnel can be detrimental to the farm. Ensure 100% technological competence.
  6. Consider formation of a private limited company or at least a partnership firm.
  7. Please fill up the rest from your experience. No imagination please.

Friends! Waiting for your suggestions.  Thanks. Dr. Ranjit Dash & A.H.  Date 21.5.17For circulation of Gir Odisha Group members only.