This is the story of another entrepreneur:

‘Hari’ was a in a better position than Ram in getting hold of a government recommendation. He managed to get a government skill training in 2 months, on dairy farming &could get himself enlisted in some ‘kaushalmela’. His name was sponsored for a loan and after a long “processing” he was awarded with a dairy loan.

The 5 lac loan had some stipulations. He has to pay some% of sanction to bank first. NOBARD ensured a Hari, gift of 25% subsidy after fully paying the loan. Family members did guarantee to pay if Hari didn’t. All the co- sharers consented not to sell the large patch of land of the proposed dairy farm was to be built. A committee of government people (standing one; Hari had no say!) would oversee and guide the dairy project implementation and after their satisfaction the loan installments were to be released. Hari was to pay the loan with an interest rate decided by bank, subject to vary (escalate?) from time to time. If ever he didn’t pay in time ‘the LaxmanRekha’ was deemed to have crossed and a greater interest rate (called default) would apply quarterly compounding forever.

He was supposed to start repay no sooner did the 1st installment of 5 cows arrived into the farm. This was not the end of the list. Bank &Hari both parties were to adhere strictly to the Govt. recommended project. According to it (The Veda!) Good F1 or F2 cross bred cows in their 1st or 2nd lactation have to be purchased from approved supplier. The committee & its Vet expert, checking the cows.Tagging,insurance of cows (no need for calves), vaccine, legal transport, soundness certificate, valuation of cows, this length & this wide cow house and many more things were there for Hari to implement.Stringent SOP was there, lest,Hari escapes the repayment!

It was the happiest moment of his life when he gladly signed agreement documents in the bank, no matter what was written and most of them were blank. Its customary and a rule, & AISA TO HOTA HAI. The bankers didn’t have time and when free they would fill up the documents; OK! His parents and uncle and aunt all signed. The new pass book was filled with money-the 1st installment! Who cares to ask for a copy of the agreement? It was not just necessary! Even if they got it in a later date, it was not quite understandable and what was the use?

A big structure was built in a few days. A tube well, a boundary, a gate and a signboard “HARI OM DAIRY FARM”. To make up expenditure beyond sanction; the family would make up. Jaane do yaar!Saab Jis kept on coming to see the progress- Bada sahib today, Upar sahib the other day. They must keep on visiting. After all if unsatisfied, they could stall the proceedings! Just for courtesy steam cakes & soft (?) drinks, sometimes vehicle charges and other reimbursements has to be done! Great! They are working for me, thought Hari.

One day the 1st lot of 5 cows with large udders and calves at toe untried the farm, their plastic tags with numbers shining. The next day there was an opening ceremony. An officer not less than DBO and Head Vet and others came .The honored EMEL cut the ribbon with his august fingers with a series of clap. The villagers stood still on such a developmental occasion, as one by one the revered guests spoke. How did it happen! It was the Government the EMEL said. It was NOBARD and it was our department’s special efforts, cried speakers. A good Lunch (Itna to bantaHai)and Photo session, Quick speak to TV WALAH and then Bye Bye.

After a few days Hari’s problems gathered momentum. He tried to meet every challenge with sincerity, honesty and dedication. It was too late when he realized that he was fallen to a trap.

Answering questions to cross examination of the Bank’s lawyer Haricould not but admit of borrowing money. He couldn’t make out what & where were his mistakes. The court gave a decree to the bank and directed Hari to pay Rupees 12 lac 85 thousand plus other costs. No subsidy to such a defaulter! There was nothing to do but to sell the farm land to his uncle, at a price offered by him(uncle, one of the guarantor). Hari was lean and thin and was passing the age of marriage. People didn’t see worth giving their daughter to a GAI RAKHUAL!

Story 2 ends here. Please wait to see what happened to GOPAL’s dairy farming in story 3

Dr. Ranjit Dash B.Vsc. & A.H.   For use of GIR Odisha Group only. Date 28.5.17