We have been talkingof problems in general terms. But in reality every farm will have its own situation,which may be a ‘strength orsometimes a ‘limitation&with itsinbuiltmerits &challenges. It depends on many factors; such as purposeof making a farm, principles and work modalities to be adhered etc.

We cannot predict all of them. Every farm enterprise will have to face some challenges common to others and some quite different from others. Stillthere is scope, in this discussion, to examine situations that generally occur. Let’s make out from the following illustrations, which usually happen:

Story 1. The dayRam,’‘Hari’ and ‘Gopal’ pass +3 Arts, in ABC village, their families happiness knows no bounds. With distribution of sweets, they dreamt ofgreat many things that could be achieved through the graduates.After an initial euphoria,the family members realize that employment is not that easy and is not coming their way soon. Whatever employment is coming is private jobs with meagre remuneration,18 hours’ work and with persistent threat of termination. Still all 3 boys try to find & fit themselves in their new jobs.  Earning hither & thither partly for their own satisfaction & partly to meet their family’s aspirations.

Being fed up, One day, the boys decide to remain in village and earn money. Their parents own 1to 2 acre of crop land producing paddy. 20-50 decimal homestead land, on which stands their paternal houses. Also adjacent are idle yards (Bari)-green fenced, a well – with good water, domestic supply electric connection and common road connectivity. All of the three boys have brothers & sisters to help them in their initiatives. What more?

Looking otherwise, these family members are dependentand have to be educated &get married! The boys themselves ought to marry too! Parents are ageing and have decrement earnings. Shortage of house. Problems stand in many shape. So, they must get a good income and that to, very soon.

Good idea!Set up dairy farm with 5 to 10 cows. Quickest & surest way to get a big income! The families accept the plan but with some reservations. Will there be a profit? Who is going to look after animals?Where to sell milk….. And so on & on.

Tentative Plans get sanction of respective families. Being assured of family-finance they ask “Oh!FED” and its milk collection center in the neighboring village. Shares his plan and seeks help. YES, all told to help!

Mobile phones contact relatives & friends wherever the members deem fit. After a few days seniors give opinion. Not a bad idea! After all people across the river, in ABCD villages have Jursy&hostn cows tied on the village road, with visible big! Big!Udders. Must be giving milk 8 to 10 or even 12/15 or more, a day! Oh! Can’t you see the fat cows and the TAT ACVan with mounted 40 liter cans plying day & night? Splendid! These are signs of Fat incomeand Solid (not fat) bodies of farmers.

The local Co-operative milk MAHAJANs were consulted. They said “After all why be so fed-up boys? Our “OH-FED” is here to help you! Bring only cows OK! The cows will give milk and we will purchase it from you! Just pour milk to your nearest collection center at XYvillage and every 10 days we will pay to your account. 100% transparency! Evening morning your milk is tested and the cost is recorded. Everything automated RIGHT! Not only that, for helping you we give high (bran) quality mixed cattle feed at concession rate. Just use them & see the magic… Milk production increases & increases, OK!

Boys! Vitamins & Minerals are essential for your cows, we give them to you at drastically low price; say it is 200 rupees! We sell it at only 120; nearly free isn’t it? Well you have so many options: go to a bank; just show the milk passbookand get a loan. It’s easy! We get your cows insured @ 1/3rd of market price.

We look after your cow’s health too!  Ask our Sky trained persons at your society; they work under DR SAMPLE, a famous veterinary doctor! You don’t know?We give grass seeds; just grow it!Plenty of grass! RKBYYY scheme Sub_SEEDYtoo.

LOSS!Did you say? No chance dear!! Tension! ZERO… the President of milk Society (going to be Sarpanch next time!) said. Sure!Here isMrUperwaallh. The Branch Manager (BM of a Bank!) of justdialChilling Center! Listen to him boys! ‘Come to my office tomorrow at 1.15; can tilak for 2 minutezzz”. GREAT!

Happy, the boys reached the milk chilling plant 35 K.M away, on a bike.  A big industry. Everybody is working and busy. Big Big machines! What are they? Oh! Need not know now!

With some waiting (becoz of meeting! And Sahab -talking) our boys were able to meet the Great Person. All doubts were cleared. Read the ABC & XYZ of dairy farming.

Geared up with hope our boys reported everything to elders. Everybody Searches internet. Oh everything is there! Why wait? Thus the theory of setting up of dairy farms are now approvedin each family and proposals are settled. TO KAM SURU!

Ram,approaches the local Govt. veterinary set up, to find out what help is coming. ‘Many things. Just call us and in no minutes we are there to treat your cow’. Training! Sorry boys! We are too busy.Also not for you and you can’t understand. What’s VET Sir, asks Gopal. Well! Its “WE” said the super trained in charge. Gopal had thought VET means Veterinary Embryo Transfer! It’s written in the net!

Finally a deal was settled among parties (think,no money please) and the boys were able to come outwith a pre- printed “PROJECT FOR DAIRY COW FARM in……… village. The name of the village was immediately filled up in pen. Showing all details, it was a 13 page bunch – not easy to understand, and where is time to read? Just sign on the dotted lines and GO-OO.

This was the way to get finance;and was made & approved by Gov.! The project spoke of Rs 1 lac return (cash back!) by the end of 1st year and 1 lac next year. So on.  Words like “END subsidy”- is it no subsidy or getting it at end?  Confused! They had no idea. Let’s quote some key words in the form:

Building: 45 feet long & 16 feet wide, asbestos roof,concrete floor,Singlepath & 2 drains, Tail to Tail, height16 feet & 8 feet on sides. Floor space @ 2 sq. meters/cow, standing space length 5 feet! Steel Partition at 7 feet. 3 feet high side walls. 10 cows and 10 calves.Biogas plant. Water tap & flush. Electric. Road. Ground leveling & drains. Tube well. Overhead tank. Compound wall. Feed store cum milk handling room etc.

Farm machinery: Milking machine 150000. Chaff cutter, DG set,spring balance, feed for one month.Dung trolley. Buckets, Cans, weighing scale? There was a Note: The entrepreneur is expected to create a fodder farm of 2 acres of his own under appropriate schemes. 2 skilled 2 semi-skilled. 100 lpd @ 25= 2500. Feed @ 15 for50 kg per day= 750 Capital 3.5lac. Working 1.5. Bank interest @ 9pa. 1st year, Vet. Cost 1% of recurring. IRR 25%. End subsidy etc.

CB cows 1st or 2nd lactation. Approved supplier. Insurance. Committee-sanction.

TO BE CONTINUED.  Dr. Ranjit Dash B.Vsc. & A.H.   For use of GIR Odisha Group only. Date 26.5.17