We have seen the plight of 2 dairy entrepreneurs Ram & Hari; let’s see Gopal’s fate:

Gopal was an ardent fan of OHFED and the Gov.-Cow doctor department. He set up his own dairy farm with family finance. Brought some CB cows from his locality. Carried milk on motorcycle & poured twice a day in the nearby village milk society. The milk society had many facilities & features to admire.No break- timely collection, milk van twice a day, quick testing of milk, gathering of farmers, 10 day payment into pass book, meetings with officers and bigger officers too, Vote& Rights- everything fascinated Gopal. To add with these charms were-subsidized medicines, regular cow-doctor’s visit, free grass seeds, low cost cow insurance and more vivid wasBest quality cow feed @ drastically low cost ! What else do you want? He argued with people.After all veterinary’s Panda Sir is Govt. Doctor and he is available at just a phone call. Gopal was convinced that he has clinched the right enterprise and a fool proof profession.

Initially everything was O.K. Cows were giving 50 liter a day. Gradually things deteriorated after a week. In spite of feeding with wheat bran and maize and chuni,   as advised by fellow farmers, milk yield reduced day by day. The cows were shedding semi-loose dung.People said it was due to “pet-garam”. So the cows were bathed daily. The milk was down to 40 lit. The cows were panting and did not eat well. They destroyed straw.

Finally Gopal attended an animal health camp at his milk society. He put his grievances. The cow doctor babu advised him to give OHFED dana. “Give cut straw and plenty of water. Also give our ‘More milk’ medicine” they said. Gopal did everything inch by inch, but the milk yield got down. The fat was below 2 and SNF was 7. The society refused to take milk. “You are mixing water “theyalleged.”

After very many trials the cows did not return to full-milk or were pregnant. The rest of the story was like of Ram and at last Gopal had to break ties with OHFED and bring in the great Behera. Of course he got money for 1 of his cow which died paying 1000 to cow doctor for post mortem certificate. He didn’t get anything for the other cow casualty. Gopal closed down the farm.


Friends! You have read of different situations. All three entrepreneurs failed. Please find out the points, responsible for their failure.

Why and where did they go wrong?

Identify the critical points. Suggest what could have been done to save the farms.

Dr. Ranjit Dash B.Vsc. & A.H.   For use of GIR Odisha Group only. Date 8.6.17