Until 2K a typical rural dairy entrepreneur used to expect only a monetary gain from profit of a dairy farm. Now a days the range of deliverables from a dairy farm has widened.

Of course he/she wants a profit and sufficient profit.Income should be stable & sustained till not for 10/20 years. Lifelong.

What else?  Let’s explore: 

1) Low day to day botheration!

2) Face problems; but should be easily sortable!

3) Leisure! (To attend other works & have holidays).

4) Quick & heavy return. Almost zero moratorium!

5) ?Proprietaryautonomy on the farm.

6)  Safe guards from law, partners,co-sharer of properties and bankruptcy.

7) Someone 2nd in-line to continue after his/her working age.

8) Name & Fame?

9)Social respect

Please add more if you wish


  • Problems of dairy farm owner/entrepreneur

Friends! I am stating some problems rural farmers face. These are not conclusive. You can edit. 

  1. Low profit or no profit, considering Capital & Recurring expenses.
  2. Non-availability of mother stock (1st herd) of his/her choice.
  3. Non availability of Land with single title, legal sanction and sole propriety.
  4. Non-availability of easy Loan.
  5. Loan if available, has many irrational or beyond reach stipulations.
  6. Shortage of skill hands and labour problems.
  7. Stigma of being a “Gwala” and thus lack of support from own family.
  8. Poor marketing of milk, animals and farm by-products.
  9. Non availability of free pasture or cheap fodder.
  10. Zero fodder processing.
    • What I feel is
  11. Poor veterinary
  12. Inappropriate project planning, especially when project is BANK DEPENDANT.
  13. Lack of information, awareness andpoor technical &managerial skill
  14. Absence of milking skill within farm thereby outsiders wield monopoly over marketing of milk.
  15. Tradition overlapping innovations in cattle care.
  16. Weak consultancy.
  17. No or little on farm milk processing
  18. Poor quality of farm milk thereby low shelf life.
  19. Heavy morbidity & mortality. Very high treatment cost


Thanks Friends. Please share your thoughts. Even if you differ with me Welcome- Please tell me.

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