Friends, in the last topic 2.1.1 we had seen many reasons, why we should go for a dairy farm. We have noted that a dairy farm in India not only produces milk & dung & urine, but also Cattle heads too.

Milk, dung& urine can be processed to some extent in farm levelto make them gainful. We will be discussing them later. But what about the heifers, male calves that our farm will produce? Once born the genes will not change. The only option we will have is to provide good nourishment.

Friends! Gene will speak 50% and husbandry will speak 50%. Good & bad characteristics (traits) depend mainly on composition.  So we must plan to have calves that have genetic strength most suitable for us. Let us study some good qualities of our proposed farm.

You have to study it and edit column 5 as you like. I will say what I think afterwards.

Please remember Indian cattle are species“Bosindicus” while Holstein & Jersey are quite different, termed “Bostaurus”- So we will call them exotic breeds.

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Characteristics Desirable Exotic breeds Indian (Good ones)     Sahiwal /Gir/Tharparkar  
Milk yield ++++ HF ++++ Jersey+++(+) +++  
Fat % (usual) 4% HF 3.5% Jersey 4% 4-5% ; even more  
Calving interval 12-13 months HF 15; Jersey 12/13 15 to 18 months


Lactation length 305 days Fulfill Fulfill. sometimes short  
Mothering age 24 months Jersey 22- 24; HF 2  29 to 39 months  
Male calf utility ++++ +


S ++, Gir+++ Th+++; RS++  
Heat tolerance 32 ° C HF 26; Jersey 30 32 & more  
Humidity tolerance Relative Humidity at 30°C     at least 82 70 82 & more  
Docile (obedient) ++++ ++++ S +++; Gir++(+); Th +++;Rs++  
Disease tolerance ++++ HF+;Jersey++ ++++  
No Hard-milker ++++ + S +, Gir++ Th+; RS++  
Drought (low food)resistance ++++ + ++++  

We can guess what threat is there in rearing Exotic animals. Within Indian we prefer GIR. What will you prefer?

Thanks. Dr. Ranjit Dash.  9th May 2017. For circulation within GOG only.