Dairy farming is both an Agricultural & an Industrial venture. It comprises Science and Arts & Skills.

“Dairying” comprises both milk production and milk processing & converting into milk products.

It has a great flexibility.  Be it poor, rich or of a middle order, Dairy farming is suitable to all. It can be a family enterprise run exclusively by women members or a small commercial one run by youngsters, & seniors. Even it can run successfully remotely by an absent landlord. It may upscale & transform into a mechanized establishment.

Since dairy farming is culturally compatible to India and knows no boundaries of Religion, Caste, nor of any Educational level – it suites all- from 8th to 18th class – be it Arts, Science or Technology.

It needs multi-disciplinary professionals. It can serve as a family income supplement, as a profession and also as a philanthropic outfit for leaders of the society doing social service.

In terms of employability a farm fetches a variety of inputs see Figure-1 and is capable to provide lifelong earnings to many- and thus can feed many of our youngsters in village.

Unlike other enterprises where “growth” of same enterprise in a particular area, results in competition and saturation; in dairy farming be a small farm or a large one next door- there is scope of all to thrive. No neighbor hatred, no competition, rather a collective effort of marketing brings people together when a village takes up dairying in a massive scale.

More ever modern dairy farming is capable of giving a good, stable & sustained income. “Sustenance in dairy farming” is not for 5,10,15 years – it is lifelong and extends to the next generation.

Fig 1 Input & outputs of a dairy farm

Friends! Our country and state needs good milk to feed our people. The need is ever growing. In whatever form milk is consumed there are 2 big crazes for milk production.

  1. Good quality milk say it Organic, say it Allele II (A 2) or DESHI – it’s the peoples voice & demand
  2. Milk with Low bacteria (as per Somatic cell count) suitable for export – It’s the countries demand.
In spite of being the world leader in milk production for years together, we import milk in shape of Lactogen. MilkMaid, Dairy milk …..!! Babies in developed countries do not feed Amul ( our baby food – which we generally use for dishes). We do export milk! To poor countries only at a price – not competitive but strongly considered. 

There is ample opportunity to produce high quality milk. Recent Govt policy of START-UP applies to milk products. It gives concession in many ways i.e. NO Pollution, Tax, License query, and Easy patent of packaged items.

On the other hand our village has land, water, good Air & Sunray & the boys and girls wanting job.

Then, Why to wait! Let’s start a dairy farm!    


Ranjit Dash Dt. 8.5.17.  Feedback to ranjitdash1957@gmail.com for GOG only.