Better Milk yield compared to available Indicus cattle breed. Poor tolerance to summer heat & post summer high Humidity- Air Temp. situations CB scope lies for farming where the quality of vet. Service good & assured. A.    Fiscal set back due to:-

1.     Low feed efficiency.

2.     High Morbidity%

3.     High Mortality%

4.     Poor milk price.

B.    Warrants Frequent restocking due to:-


1.High Calf mortality%

2. Heifer production costly


C.    Unworthy stock

Incurable diseases like mastitis compels culling of high yielders.


Treated Animals   act as carriers & pose permanent threat to herd in making them disease prone.

CB more  docile than Indicus Poor disease resistance i.e.   To Mastitis, Theileriosis and Tryps, FMD, & Foot rot. CB farms suitable when used for training and motivation.
Jersy better Prolific than Indicus Incidence of Milk fever as to zero in Indicus cattle. Can be used in NGO & Govt. program for restocking, as a part of rehab-activities of temporary nature.
Has Govt. policy priority. High incidence of breeding problems & failures.
Less incidence of hard milker cows Less versatile to food shortage & inferior quality.
Male calves less worth.
High calf mortality
Low reproductive life span.
Hard to maintain blood level of GoO policy specified level.
Less incidence of Short lactations and lactation failures. Can’t reach Full blood or rear Pure cattle
Low feed efficiency.
Less rearing cost for female calves due to  Shorter maturity leading to Younger age at first calving, Consumer reluctance to  A-1 milk
Less Fat %
Slow herd growth

Note: Study took farming with Jersey/Holstein mixed compared to Indian milch breed cattle.


  • Holstein and Jersey donor be withdrawn.
  • Let a trial be made using proven donors of Bos.indicus.
  • Poor, little aware dairy farmers be sensitized on the issues
  • Cattle breeding policy be suitably amended
  • Model DPRs be formulated for ease of understanding.