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Main objective of Gir Odisha Program – To upgrade non-descript Zebu cattle herds into ‘Gir’, through planned breeding.


  • 100 GIR DAIRY FARM by 2019
  • 250 model GIR Farms by 2025
  • Dairy Farm has at least 2 Gir cows and a Milk,Urine, Dung processing & solar facility by 2028.
  • In Gir Odisha Program Phase ii we are trying to help the Dairy entrepreneurs set up Dairy farms with Gir breed of cattle fitted with milk product manufacturing units.


MAY 2010 1st calf born out of zebu x Gir A.I. (50% Gir) — Achieved (see Fl.Gallery)

MAY 2011 Calves (50% Girs) born from our A.I. services 100 Achieved (see Gallery)

MAY 2012 Calves (50% Girs) born from our A.I. services 700

Markings of progenies reaching 1 year age

MAY 2013 Calves (50% Girs) born from our A.I. services 2000

& 1st Cow with 50% Zebu & 50% Gir blood (F1) and 1st F2 (75% GIR) calf born.

MAY 2014 F1 cows 40

Pregnant heifers 300

Bullock 300

F1 calves 3000

F2 calves 40

Performance evaluation / reporting will be done prior to scheduling of targets beyond 2014.


A dairy vibrant Odisha state by 2040; providing organic inputs into human nutrition & agriculture.


Dairy development in rural Odisha.



Dairy Dev. Objectives:

  • Helping entrepreneurs to set up & sustain Gir Dairy Farms. Set a tradition to rear Gir.
  • Popularize Gir bullocks and processing milk, urine & Dung in Odisha

Our Aim is:

1) Public gets good milk

2) Rural youngsters get sustained sufficient income to lead a respectable life.

3) Farm animals lead a comfortable life with optimum productivity.   

(Disclaimer): We do not sell cows. Our primary focus is to help people interested in Gir dairy farming and related activities.

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