There are many breeds of cattle recognized in our country. They are classified according to their performance as Milch (Exclusively kept for milk), Dual (Kept for both milk & work) & Work animals.   Among these Sahiwal, Red Sindhi & Gir have been consistently accredited as milch breed.

Typical good Sahiwal cow gives upto 2500 liters in a Lactation & Red Sindhi about 2000 lit. Gir reaches 1800 lit. Calculating a lactation year as 305 days, at best we could have 8 lpd (Lit. Per day) in Sahiwal; 6 -7 lpd in Red Sindhi and 6 lpd in Gir. If we purchase a cow from their home tract at random; we will find less milk yielders in plenty and a few good ones. The good ones reach their breed max. target.

In advent of breed promotional efforts in India, bringing out Good Breed able Bulls the picture has changed. Scientists, through constant selection of good cows & bulls out of an elite (specially selected) pure herds; have brought out  better and even better herds of these breeds and have made available  semen from them. This process is continuing.

Thus in India, now we have Proven Sires (Father- Bulls) of Sahiwal, Gir, Red Sindhi and Tharparker etc breeds. The bulls are certified. Their progenies are expected to produce high and will not have genetic problems. The frozen semen is free from certain diseases that could be transmitted to cow.

Friends, I am following the milk yield of Bull’s Dam (mother) of various breeds since 2007 and find there is a constant, speedy, consistent increase in Gir quality in India. Stray instances of high milk yield do occur here & there establishing excellence of a particular breed. You might be finding these in net. But from where will we get that cow’s Sire- semen? We have to depend on Bull stations which sell Proven Sire Frozen Semen Straws. It will be a leap if the Bull stations, give us sexed semen. Let me quote the latest data from Sabarmati Ashram Goushala (Founded 1915, by Mahatma Gandhi), now under NDDB…… Notice, which breed is improving faster?

Breed Milk yield Earlier Milk yield Now
Sahiwal 2200 lit. 3500 to 4500 lit
Red Sindhi 2000 lit. 2500 to 3600 lit.
Gir 1800 lit 3500 to 5000 lit.


Other reasons to take up GIR

Apart from milk Heifers and cows are in great demand now a days and are saleable through internet. Any farm will produce female calves. The purchaser shall enquire into the breed and pedigree!  Pedigree of generations is only available in established farms. In absence of such pedigree data the purchaser will rely on the Phenotype (animal’s body features- as it appears to us). Among the 3 breeds only GIR will be easily recognized and accepted. Of course Sahiwal & RS have distinctive features; but some times it will create confusion in purchaser.

Binjharpuri of Odisha is recognized as Dual breed from 2013 with 1200 lit milk yield and good bullocks.Why not Binjharpuri ?  Not now Sir! Till date we don’t have semen straw of Binjharpuri. Of couse we can start with them.

Dr Ranjit Dash, & A.H.    Date 14.05.17. For Gir Odisha Group only. Feedback to